Monday, August 23, 2010

ups & downs

This week, I'll post a few pictures of some cool and unusual streets and roads.

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

that AA accepts anyone who wants to stop drinking.

to know that I'm so powerless over other people, especially others in the program who want to blame their problems on me -- LOL

that most of the people I know seem to like me or at least accept me for what I am

that I had the honor of emceeing a fundraiser Saturday night. It was a spoof on the old Newlywed Game, which we renamed The Gaylywed Game. Lotsa fun and recovery.

that I usually volunteer to participate in my own recovery

I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.
- Maya Angelou


Mary Christine said...

I like you!

Syd said...

I appreciate you for what I read here. In my mind you are a good guy.

Scott said...

i would have loved ot see the Gaylywed Game, I am sure you were hilarious dAAve!

That road is alot like recovery in AA, trudging the road of happy destiny indeed!

Jeremy said...

I would have loved to see the Gaylywed game - sounds amazing.

Powerless over people- GREAT reminder, thanks

C. said...

Not only do I read and lurk here,
I always look for your comments on a certain blog - they make me laugh, even when I'm not feeling particularly cheerful - that's a gift!

marie said...

I like your no-fluff, cut to the chase kind of message. I aspire to communicate like that. It's not happening any time soon, however. Although, I just realized I am doing a week of gratitude on my blog this week. It wasn't my intent to mimick your format, but it seems to have played out that way. You must have what I want ----grAAtitude!

Bill said...

A woman called last week and opened with "I'm getting ready to drink and YOU need to talk me out of it."
I said "I'm powerless over MY drink, so how am I supposed to stop you from drinking YOURS?"

They probably should get someone else to answer the phone around here.