Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Home Office

During 1991-1992 I lived in Guildford, England. That's about 50 miles southwest of London. An hour train ride to/from Waterloo Station.

My boss rented this home for us to live in and use as an office. My bedroom was about 5 steps from the den which we used as the office. It was owned by a couple who lived in Glasgow and used this as their second home when visiting the southeast of the country.

at right is the front view from the street

It was a wonderful home in which to reside, sitting on top of a hill. The Two Brewer's pub (my local) was only a 6 minute walk away. (well, it took 6 minutes to get there - downhill -- and about 20 minutes to walk back home)

the picture on the left is the rear view

The home was completely furnished and the bottom picture is the study or living room.

Another of my fond memories of living in jolly old England.


Mary Christine said...

I used to know an old woman who always said "in the end, all you have are your memories, make sure they are good ones." It sounds (and looks) like you have some really good ones.


WOW! It looks like a great house. I want to go there NOW.
I see you,

Lex-Sunshine said...

Hey dAAve! Its Alexis, back in blogging action. Missed you guys. Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing the memories!

AAwoken said...


Daily Piglet said...

Beautiful house!!!

Sober Chick said...

I will echo JJ, WOW! Those are some great images. It looks so comforting and has so much character.

How neat to have the experience of living in England. I was born and raised in S. CA, don't get out much. Flew on a plane 4 the 1st time when I was 26. So sad.

Mr. H.K. said...

That's beautiful!

Guildford Osteopath said...

You say 20 to walk back from pub but if you've had a few to drink it might have seemed less !