Sunday, April 09, 2006

Honda advert

You thought those people that set up roomfuls of dominos to knock over were amazing...

There are no computer graphics or digital tricks in this film. Everything you see really happened in real time exactly as you see it.

The film took 606 takes.
On the first 605 takes, something, usually very minor, didn't work.
They would then have to set the whole thing up again.

The film cost six million dollars and took three months to complete, including full engineering of the sequence.

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Scott said...

Faith... Faith is so comforting. I seem to have a good bit of faith these days. I've always had some sort fo bare little nugget of faith tucked away in the recesses of my mind that everything ultimately will be ok. But finding and developing and using that fairth to keep calm in times of trial hasn't always been easy.

That film was really kool! It reminds me of how fragile life can be, especially sobriety. One little things goes a different way, and everything changes, or never even happens. Thanks for sharing that!

Mary Christine said...

That was very neat dAAve.

AAwoken said...

Very cool!
However, six million dollars?
No wonder the islamo-fascists hate us!

BigSkymAAck said...

The things that some corporations will do to sell something. I would like to be the advertising executive that got paid for that one.

Mr. H.K. said...

I already see the Clio Award!


Mr. H.K.
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Scott W said...

According to the American Association of Advertising Agencies, the average cost to produce a thirty-second TV commercial is currently $343,000.

That's average cost. It is not surprising that Honda would spend $6M on a promotion.

Jake McCafferty said...

I think I'd have fired them after about take 200 ...

Scott A. Edwards said...

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