Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Glad to be home

I got back from London last night.
Safe & sound.
Sober & serene.
What more can I ask for?

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

that somehow, I can still make sobriety the most important aspect of my life while tending to other matters

for the meetings I attended while in the UK; they are very much like the meetings I attend each day here in Houston, although I didn't see anyone I recognized

that because of some things that have recently happened inmy life, I can now understand the phrase "it is what it is" to a much greater and more detailed degree

for so many reminders of why I live in this country

that I finally got to meet Kenny (Recovery Road) although we didn't get to spend much time chatting nor did we attend a meeting together

that I got to see Liz while in London; we've known each other and been bestest friends since 1989; an amazing woman!

that I even worked out at the gym a couple of times while on vacation (with Hayden pushing me a bit) and managed to remain on my new diet

"We only go around once. There's really no time to be afraid. So stop. Try something you’ve never tried. Teach it. Do it. Risk it."
-Jon Blais


Scott W said...

Welcome home. Your font is really tiny today. See you at TLC.

Pam said...

Hi darlin'...yes I'm really glad I live in the country of Texas also...oh wait..that is what you meant right? I hope you found your home safe and sound also, and not water logged. You did miss some great thunderstorms...sorry, but I'm sure you can catch the next one in a few days.

Redhead Gal said...

Welcome back, dAAve. I missed you.

Mary Christine said...

Welcome back! I missed you. It sounds like a great trip - but I always think the best part of a good trip is coming home.

peanut said...

Dear dAAve,

OH, I am so happy you're home safe, sound and sober !

I missed you Honey !

I hope all is well here for you and hope to see you today at the nooner.

I love YOU.

Tab said...

aahhh yes there is no place like home now is there Dorothy ?!

Meg Moran said...

thank you for the quote about "just do it!' you are an inspiration that way....and yeah, "it is what it is"...exhale now. Missed you dAAve.

Clarity said...

Welcome back! Working out and sticking to your diet while on vacation? Outstanding!!

Anonymous said...

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Syd said...

Glad that your visit was good. I like visiting other countries but am glad to get home. Thanks for your comments to me. I have been troubled by the close encounter of the troubled mind at the Al-Anon meeting. I am letting it go.

Shannon said...

I soooo missed you! I am really glad you are back! and thanks for stoppin by ; }

Shannon said...

PS Scotty... why you gotta call Daave's font TINY?

Scott W said...

'Cos it is, Shan, it is!

Sober @ Sundown said...

Glad you are back, safe and sound.