Friday, July 13, 2007

the thirteenth

On our recent visit to London, we stopped in at Westminster Abbey. Normal tourist visiting hours were done for the day, but we were allowed to sit in on a non-Catholic service.
It is one of the most amazing places I have ever had the opportunity to be.
Simply breathtaking.
Without the simply.

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

for my most comprehensive and difficult and thus, rewarding, workout yet

for Step 3

for the good stuff that happens when I let go and the good stuff that happens when I don't try to stay in control of everything

that Hayden made it home safely

for soups and salads and a place called Souper Salad

for all of the things that Houston has to offer; do any of you actually know what Houston has to offer? HUH? ~~~Click here~~~

for the silliness of Pam @ Sobriety is Exhausting -- pay her a visit when you can

Hearing is one of the body's five senses. But listening is an art.
-Frank Tyger


Pam said...

Hey..thanks for the mention!
I love Souper Salad, but my tendency is always to pile on more than I can eat (more,more,more). I wish I could connect rewarding with you and MC and so many others. Keep talking about it and maybe the rewarding stuff will rub off on me, preferably without the WORKout part.

Redhead Gal said...

G'morning, dAAve. The cathedral looks incredible. I have been to Notre Dame in Paris. Wonder how they compare?

Mary Christine said...

Wow. That looks bee-you-tiful. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Scott W said...

England swings like a pendulum do bobbies on bicycles two by two
Westminster Abbey the Tower of Big Ben the rosy red cheeks of the little children

Sober Chick said...

Wow that is some amazing art work there behind you. It is awesome you out there traveling and living and experiencing this gorgeous world.

peanut said...

Dear dAAve,
what a wonderful experience. Thank you for the photo.
I'm happy for you and Hayden. I remember back when I first met you.
It is a fantastic love story with a happy ending. It's nice to know that it really does happen.
See you around campus. Love you.

msb said...

what a great picture. I've always wanted to go to Europe just to is the churches. I took an art history class... I'm happy to know that your in love.

Clarity said...

Thanks for helping me let go today.

Meg Moran said...

I am imagining that window from INSIDE the abby...amazing I'm sure. Glad you got the up close and in person view.

Scott said...

yea dAAve, houston has a TON ot offer,including two new AA friends, and a GREAT recovery clubhouse!

The Abbey looks incredible, I bet that was indeed a spectacular experience.