Friday, November 28, 2008

The Day After

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

for a fun-filled day of recovery yesterday just as I anticipated it would be

for the Al-Anon and AA speakers I got to hear last night

that Mary Christine will join us today at the Houston Roundup

that the play I have been in rehearsal for will all be over by 11pm tonight

The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.
-Walter Bagehot


big Jenn said...

Love it!jeNN

Lou said...

Well..I just looked it up. The Houston Roundup is NOT a rodeo.

Syd said...

I'm sure that the play will be great. I really like to hear those speakers at roundups. Glad that you enjoyed the day.

Scott W said...

Lou, nor do we drive around in our big ole pick up trucks and bring in drunks to AA. But, it could happen.

I love that Joe Cocker version of the Beatles standard.

See ya at the rodeo!

J-Online said...

Happpy Belated Thanksgiving. You're going to do great at the Roundup!

Pam said...

oh I laughed so hard my ribs hurt.

Mary Christine said...

I'm sitting in the same room as you, blogging - ha ha ha ha ha.

Bill said...

Wakey, wakey!!!
Hands off snakey!!!

I'm eager to hear about the play!

(Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?)

Kathy Lynne said...

aboslutely hysterical..thanks..