Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Adventure

my feet

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

that my adventure continues ....... for another day

for the potentially far-reaching effects of being of service to others

that I usually don't buy into the gloom & doom of the news media and those who believe it

for good (sober) company at the Astros game last night

Of course, anger can always be justified. But then, so can forgiveness. Just depends on how much more you want from the adventure. 
~ The Universe


Mary Christine said...

Kind of looks like Half Naked Tuesday!

And it looks like a great time!

Pammie said...

That looks like an excellent view.

ScottF said...

The 'stros built such an awesome ball park! A sober friend mine was a supervisor on the project. He was one of the folks in charge of hanging all the doors. He and I did some serious drinking and drugging together when I lived in H-Town. It's still tough to fathom that we're both sober in AA. WOW!

Syd said...

Too much doom and gloom everywhere, but not at your beloved Astros game.