Monday, January 07, 2013

not just another Monday

today I am grateful and thankful

for the 3,514 posts I've had on this blog since December, 2004.  For now, I'm done.  I have just lost interest in keeping this thing going.

I appreciate the loyalty of a number of people who have been here for any period of time.  I won't mention any names because it's not necessary. 

Be good.  Stay sober.

The only difference between try and triumph is a little umph.


vance odonnell said...

Hey buddy...tons of us are going to miss you...I am a late bloomer to this sober life and to finding your site...a month or so ago I sensed a burn out happening to you and suggested it was OK to take a day off..God did...this is not just about you help others with your sharing on this stage you built. Take some time to rest but please think about how much you are loved by so many and will be sorely missed.

Debbi McNeer said...

I will very much miss your posts, but I know how hard it is to crank something out day after day. Everyone needs a break, and I selfishly hope this is a temporary hiatus for you. If it's not, well, thank you, thank you, thank you, for helping me stay sober here in the Middle of Nowhere. You were like a morning meeting, although I'm sure I didn't show enough appreciation for it.

Syd said...

Dave, I will miss you. But I totally understand. You have been doing this a long time. Please do keep in touch. I will want to know how you are.

onesobercatholic said...

Dave, I have shed a few tears over this decision of yours. You have been part of my every day for over 7 years. I will miss your blog, but have every hope that we will stay in touch.

I totally understand your decision.


Scott W said...

Been there. Done that.

I continued to read your blog daily since I stopped writing on mine. I know the maintenance of your blog has been an invaluable asset to your recovery. The day I quit, it wasn't planned, I was just done. Like when I got sober. I wasn't planning it, I just woke one morning and I was DONE.

I am lucky though. I get to see you often and for that I am grateful.

Daisyanon said...

Thanks for all your work on the blog Dave. I don't think I've ever commented but I have appreciated your humour and your recovery message.

I hope you will leave the blog up.

Every good wish and blessings for the future.

member #1128 said...

Awh!! Warmest wishes

tjmiller said...

Take Care

atomic momma said...

Thanks for leaving the blog up. Thankful for all you've done here. I understand the need for a break.

Beq said...

Hi dAAve,

You don't know me but I've had your blog on my Google Reader feed from the moment I found it... about 3 years ago.

I was in a relationship with an alcoholic. I left him though I am still in love with him but your blog means hope to me. For him, in his behalf.

I pray every night for him, that he might find recovery and insight, that he might find a sponsor like you, that I might read his blog with words similar to yours, that he might have a life to be grateful and thankful for.

For my part, I am grateful and thankful for you. You've been an influence on a life many thousands of miles away, and we may never meet in person but you've made a difference in my life one grateful post at a time.

Thank you. I'll miss you.

God bless you.

louisey said...

Dave I am so sorry you are stopping, but if it feels right for you then you will want to move on. I hope to get news of you from time and time and even the odd joke.

All love and go well.

Diane said...

I never commented on your blog, but I've followed it for about a year. You gave me many smiles and words of wisdom. I will miss the daily reads. I too hope you'll leave the blog up. Thanks for all of your posts! God Bless.

Carol said...

I am with Scott,s comment.

Chris said...

Thank you for your 8+ years of service providing your invaluable gratitude list and the funny and inspiring additions that went with it every day.
I have read your blog daily as a way of kick-starting my morning meditation.
in a way, I have been letting you do my gratitude list for me, though.
I appreciate that you would be done at this point. It seems like there could be an opportunity here for a forum where all the people who read your blog could post their daily gratitude reflections and carry on your good work.
Take Care

vance odonnell said...

I'm with you Chris...I had the same thought yesterday...a blog forum kind of a thing...what do you think Dave?

dAAve said...

For several years, there was a large contingent of recovery bloggers who wrote gratitude lists. The number of participants has greatly diminished the past 3 or 4 years, and that's OK. It's just the evolution of the internet.

If you guys want to organize some type of forum, have at it. I'm just movin' on.

Thanks for all the lovely comments. Let's all do our best.

Todd HellsKitchen said...


Todd HellsKitchen said...

P.S. It was a GREAT run!

marie said...

that is a long time, one day at a time. Thank you. Many blessings.

Christina Parodi said...

Thank you for your've made a difference,

Be well, friend!

Jacque Gabrielle said...

sad to see you go..have a wonder adventure no matter what u do next.
peace n love.

Lucie Uhlarova said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lucie Uhlarova said...

Have just come across to your blog spot and was immediately intrigued!!

I believe you have decided to let it go for the time being.. ah well, decision respected!

All the best on your another adventure. What ever that is :-)

Shivanand Biradar said...

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Daniel Driscoll said...

Awww! I wish I found this blog sooner before you gave up on it! I have been reading your posts for the past hour! Awesome! I will check back occasionally to see if you decide to come back!
Daniel D

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