Wednesday, September 09, 2009


AFV - Cats Gone Wild! @ Yahoo! Video

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

that I further my recovery every time I go to an AA meeting

for a first-time newcomer that graced the meeting room yesterday

for the many varied experiences I've been so fortunate to have during my 55 years, including
... 6 years running track
... 4 years of university and earning a degree in education
... 10 years as a baseball umpire
... 1 year teaching public school and coaching football & track
... 1 year as a retail store manager
... 2 years as an office manager in the trucking industry
... 19 years in the offshore oil exploration industry
... living and working in 25 countries
... visiting an additional 7 countries
... 33 years as a practicing alcoholic
... 6 years as a recovering alcoholic
... waking up sober this morning
... today, with all its opportunities

Life can only be understood backwards, but must be lived forwards.
- Soren Kierkegaard


Anonymous said...

very cool, dave. great post today - thanks for sharing with us!

Mary Christine said...

I'm grateful and thankful that my path and yours have crossed in this life.

big Jenn said...

It's good to know more about you.jeNN

Scott said...

lol the cat stuff... I LOVE watching cats flip out, they are so funny!

you've got QUITE the "resume" there dAAvid!

Lou said...

I didn't know you were a teacher (among other things).

Scott W said...

Living that list must have worn you out!

I love that video. Made me laugh out loud LOTS.

Tall Kay said...

Thank you Dave...for all you do and all you've done.

Syd said...

Dave, you have lived many lifetimes in one. I liked reading about this. You have had a lot of experience to share.

Carol said...

So, have I mixed up my bloggers, are you 55 with a 4 year old?

garden-variety drunk said...

living in 25 countries? wow- what an amazing set of experience you must have. love the quote

God Is said...

All that Forrest Gump you were... :)

Patrick said...

Hilarious, thanks for the laff!

dAAve said...

CAROL - I'm 55, but I don't have a 4 year-old. And as an added plus, I'm GAY!!

Scott W said...

4-year-old? What?

Carol said...

dAAve, there are 55 year old gay men with 4 year olds! Not in my world but I've heard about it.

Okay, different Dave, got it.

Anonymous said...

i love cats.