Monday, August 13, 2007

following the path

I was always a big fan of The Beatles.
I think most of their music was great.
I also think they solidified a change in the attitudes of most of the world's population.

What say you?

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

for productive days with a smile on my face

that I operate so much more effiiciently when I follow my instincts (which always include a plan)

for awareness -- the longer I stay sober, the more it seems that I am just of average intelligence (if that). I read things that you guys write and comment about and so much of it is over my head and incomprehensible to me. I don't think I'm dumb. I have lived and worked all over the world and been very productive and gotten along with many languages and cultures with little problem. But I don't understand the concept of spirituality. It baffles me.

for a very enjoyable afternoon with some fellow Lambdettes in Galveston, watching the almost-premier of TUNA GOES VEGAS

for the wide range of entertainment given us for 50 years by Merv Griffin, who died yesterday at age 82

that if I had a hat like Mary Richards, I'd throw it in the air too

The person who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.


Pam said...

I was very upset when I discovered that I was not as brilliant as I always thought I was. I think people had been talking around me for years with brilliance also, but I only heard my own voice until I got sober.

Scott W said...

We all live in a yellow submarine,
Yellow submarine, yellow submarine,
We all live in a yellow submarine,
Yellow submarine, yellow submarine

peanut said...

Dear dAAve,

Good morning !

the fact that you think about what Spirituality is, Is Spirituality.

It's like, the thought of prayer IS prayer.

You're intelligence is just fine. Your wonderful Spirit is most important.

I love you. me

Mary Christine said...

She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah. She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah.

I loved the Beatles. And Daave!

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

I'm not crazy about the beatle songs, but as celebrities go, I like some of the band members. I prefer the hippy generation of celebrity, basically. Nowadays we have the like of paris hilton. oh well.
Intellectual prowess is not the hallmark of 'spituality', whatever that is. Its very personal, so other peoples concepts are not supposed to be applicable to everyone. Like the character Joe in great expectations. It was the least educated mind that turned out to have the finest human qualities. so basically, its not that simple..
like most things!

Shannon said...

hmmm let me ask you this daave, DO you like Elvis?
LOL random - but not really, I always noticed people who love or really like the Beatles, arent huge fans of the King, and vise/versa- see as a kid, we grew up on Elvis, I looooove Elvis, it brings happy memories when I was little of of my mom... but now I am starting to like the Beatles, my husband and all my friends are Beatles fans, in fact every Sunday morning we have breakfast with the Beatles, a local classic rock station puts it on... but my point is... you cant be an Elvis and a Beatles fan equally... LOL
Happy Monday... and let me know

Tab said...

oh jeeese that whole concept of spirituality is a new one for me too.I am hugely fearful of religion and learning to embrace a god/hp of my understanding is still taking a lot of practice Daave.But the more I just learn to let go and be myself,the more my spirituality comes in to my life.I love at mystery of thy self now..okay...sometimes I get scared but I am working on that too..odaat.I just love your sharing because I have already seen your spirit shine through your writing Daave :)
love Tab xo
ps.Yep>..I like the Beattles too.

dAAve said...

shannon ---
There were a few years when I was NOT a fan of Elvis. His last 3 or 4 years from about '73-'77 I did not care for his music.
After his death in '77, I changed my mind (again) and decided I liked him.

Scott W said...

Double dipping here. Don't like Elvis, never did, never will.