Tuesday, August 21, 2007

In order to minimize confusion ...

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todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

for some really helpful suggestions about how to deal with just about any problem --
One Day at a Time

that I am not the only person who usually doesn't get it the first time I hear something

for a really nice Step 9 meeting yesterday

that I am not beating myself up so often today because my relationship with a certain Trinidadian has hit the rocks; I am very comfortable knowing that I have done absolutely everything I can to allow it work and have been the best person I can be.

that I have volunteered to produce 3 very amateur art pieces for our AA Roundup Service Auction in September (watch out, SW)

When you rise in the morning, form a resolution to make the day a happy one for a fellow creature.
-Sydney Smith


Pam said...

can you imagine how healthy we would all be if we understood, and took action on everything we heard in our first meeting???
Will yu be painting on black velvet?

Mary Christine said...

You have such a healthy attitude about the departure of "a certain Trinidadian." It is good when we know we have done all we can do. Have a great day dAAve.

peanut said...

Dear dAAve,

I am happy that you are going to get back to your art ! I can't wait to see what you do.

Thank you for your comment yesterday, you are correct.

Love you

Trudging said...

First, very very cool truck.

Second, what is it they say if you love something, let it go. It sounds like that is what you are doing.

Namenlosen Trinker said...

I hope you'll consider posting images of your A.A. art online after you're done. I'd love to see it.