Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mom update

Yesterday, my sister and I committed our Mom to hospice care. The doctor said there is nothing more he can do and that he would discharge her from the hospital, to return to the nursing home for a final stay.

We spent time with her and her pastor paid a visit as well. It was a special 2 hours we had together. She found the strength to smile and was able to squeeze my hand several times. She even opened her eyes. She had not been able to do these simple tasks for a week. I mentioned that I may get onstage at Lambda this summer and perform a drag number; this brought the biggest smile of the day. LOL

Tomorrow is her 85th birthday.
The picture was taken in her den in 1993.

I'll keep you informed and I hope you can find a moment today to include her when you talk to your Higher Power.



Anonymous said...

of course i'll keep you, your sister, and your mom in my prayers. i'm sending you all much love.

Pam said...

Dave, first of all that's a lovely picture! A fellow blonde!!!
I'm so (proud) for you that you have been given the gift of sobriety at this most important time in your Mothers life. What a blessing for your family that you can be fully present when you are needed. I will pray for a peaceful spirit to surround your family.
Stay in the day...dave...really.

Scott W said...

You may not realize it, but we all have been praying for Pat. And you, too, of course.

Mary Christine said...

Your mom and you are in my prayers. Thank God you are sober and able to be there fully for her when she really needs you. (oh goodness, now I am crying.)

msb said...

In my prayers.

indistinct said...

In my prayers and imagining a hug for you. Lots of love and grace.

Zane-nawwaa said...

Dave, Pat and your family have been in my prayers daily for over two years. That is a great picture of her. I am glad that Hayden is here at this time. You are blessed for being a caretaker. Love you.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a couple of years and feel like I know you. You and your entire family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Bill said...

I started my morning with prayers for your mom, you, and your family.
There is a word that always comes to my mind when I think about your mother and the stories you share. That word is Grace.
I'm glad you posted that photo. She is just as lovely as I have pictured in my mind's eye.

JJ said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I love you dAAve and though miles seperate us I am there in spirit.

peanut said...

Dear dAAve,
I am so grateful that your mother smiled and squeezed your hand.

Bless her heart, she has held up patiently and been so loyal to her Higher Power's wishes for her life.

I am pleased you posted her photo in better times. I am going to download and keep it, thank you.

I had such a wonderful time meeting your mother and sitting with her on your first AA birthday so many years ago.

She is a joy and a kind and loving woman ! I enjoyed her company that night so much.

It has been hard on you and your sister and of course,your mother, these few years. My heart has gone out to you all. I know Dave that you have supported Pat and had a lovely relationship with her.

My prayers are with you, your Mom and sister. I know one thing, your mother will be in a better place soon. She will be her former self and rejoicing to be free of her earthly bonds and physical limitations. I will rejoice with her on that new freedom. Bless you and your sister. If there is anything that I can do, please call on me. I love you Dave.
Please keep me posted. kat

craftylady said...

Thinking of you at this difficult time. At least you have the consolation that you, Pat and Lisa are in the thoughts and prayers of so many people.


"Just David!" said...

i think you should dress up a little early and take her a picture... you and your mom are in my prayers!!!

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Thoughts and prayers, Buddy!

Tab said...

{{Dave}} My thoughts are with you and your family ~ My HP has sent a special ray of serenity your way.
And I just know your Mother has much love and serenity in her heart by you just being by her side through all of this journey Dave..You truly are a wonderful son to her..Big hugs to you tonight my friend..Much love Tabitha xo

Tab said...

PS.What Pam said nearly brought me to tears..she is so right..xo

Anonymous said...

that's a beautiful photo of your mom, this is so great that you have been with her through this.

i will pray for god's will for you and your family.

tkdjunkie said...

Thinking of you and your mom. What a wonderful lady ... and what a wonderful guy.