Monday, July 28, 2008

Focus on today

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todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

for all the recovering humans who celebrated sober anniversaries on Saturday night -- 29 friends and acquaintances with 356 total sober years

that today, I choose to live as a sober man who has been given a second opportunity to be a useful human being

that I could tell my Mom to just let go, that it is time to just let go and there's no reason to hang on any longer

that I saw my nephew at the nursing home yesterday; he rarely goes to visit his grandmother, although, now he smells some $$$$ coming his way (am I cynical?)

that I've been able to share on a group level about making the decision to end my Mom's life

for all those recovering friends who have made the same (life and death) decisions before me

The beginning is the most important part of any work.


Trudging said...

I am sorry about your Mom. I am glad that you could tell her to let go.

Anonymous said...

Pat's maker is not ready to receive her yet. He hasn't got the country and western music ready and the notebook!
You cynical .... never!

Mary Christine said...

My father hung around for a couple of weeks after we made that decision. It was a long couple of weeks. It is weird when you realize that you can't schedule these things. Please take care.

Pam said...

I'm so glad we have a loving God to hand our Mothers over to and know he will treat them well.

Scott W said...

I think when we make those types of decisions they are perhaps the biggest service we can do. So and I had to convince our brother it was time to let go, he was not willing to give in for years. Thankfully, he gave us the go ahead and Mom was able to go.

You done good, David.

Trailboss said...

Yes Dave, you done good my friend. I know times like this can be so hard but when I saw Mom take that last breath it was a relief. I cried of course but mostly my tears were tears of joy. Joy in knowing that she was finally rid of the body that held her here on Earth. I knew without a doubt that she was with God and young and beautiful and pain free. I bet the first think God did was give her a cup of coffee. She told me early on, when she could no longer eat or drink that the thing she missed the most was coffee. Your mom and my mom will meet and share lots of stories about all of us.....maybe even some we haven't told anyone!

Syd said...

Dave, I hope that your mother goes peacefully. It will be in God's time. It's the best that you could do for her. She is worn out. And she knows that you love her.

peanut said...

Dear Dave,
I'm so happy that you are getting so much positive support. Also good you feel like sharing in the meetings about it.
It's the most loving thing we can do to tell our loved one to just let go. They worry about us ! All is well with her and, as other's have said, she is passing into a better place - no pain, nothing to tether her here. Keep up your spirits and don't take any crap from that young whipper-snapper that has just now begun to come around. Enough said.
I love the park sigh about the bears-sooo cute ! Had me to the very end teehee.
Love you, Dave

Zane-nawwaa said...

I can only add that Pat obviously did a very good job with you and your sister. Both of your devotion and care come from love not duty. God Bless you both.

Anonymous said...

wow. i remember telling my dad that not long before he passed, he was in so much pain and misery, the chemo really destroyed his body.

prayers for you.

Anonymous said...

call me anytime daave. day or night. i'll be over in a flash. you're a fine example of this program, as someone used to say to me.

Bill said...

When my partner was hanging on, his mother and I told him it was okay to let go when it was the right time, and that he shouldn't worry about us.
I'm glad your mom heard that from you, too. Now she can let go when God says He's finished decorating her new place.
I know you will be sad, but it's kinda cool that you are both getting new homes at the same time, isn't it? I'll bet hers will be prettier.
It may be purple, too. (That one's for that rascal: Scott W)