Thursday, June 24, 2010

Boundaries none

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

for my anxiety medication. I must have burned up all of my multi-tasking brain cells during my last few years of drinking. Today, I get easily overwhelmed when too many things are happening at once. This used to be my forte when I was working. I could wear many hats every day and handle it all. No more. The last 2 days have been so busy for me, I need a break. Nothing serious, but never a dull moment during my waking hours. Seems like I have many people trying to include me in their drama and I have a hard time saying no to their requests.

for boundaries. Wish I had some. LOL.

that NOW I know I should not have skipped my weekly Al Anon meeting last night. But I need the rest.

that the BIG EVENT begins in San Antonio one week from today

If you wait, all that happens is that you get older.
- Mario Andretti


Mary Christine said...

I seem to be less able to do a lot of things... the older I get ... not that you are getting older because I would not suggest such a thing.

Em said...

I am also thankful to have a doctor who understands what I need and for the medication I have to keep me from becoming too freaked out. Thank you for this post, its always nice to know that others share some of your story :)

Richard Carroll Sheehan said...

My environment is important. I deserve to be in a congenial place.
The way I am in my environment is important.

The boundries of my personal environment provide a place for me to be. I don't have to bbe just anywere or just any way.

Syd said...

I also have been way too busy. And need a meeting badly. I am tired and sick of the heat.

Pam said...

I love Monday nights at my house. My husband and I have a Monday nite ritual of frozen pizza (doctored up with jalapenos and xtra cheese) the blinds stay down and we do not answer the phone without looking to see if it's someone we "have to" answer. Sometimes we lock our gate and swim naked, sometimes we keep the house quiet and just read, we go to bed early, we play "silly" games with the dog.
It's my "boundary" night when I am just not available to the outside world and makes me feel so refreshed!