Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Step Three "Made a decision ...

to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him."

Once I had an inkling of a concept of a higher power (God), it turned out that I had an entity to surrender to. So by the time I hit my alcoholic bottom (September 4, 2003) I could turn over my drinking to that higher power -- surrender. I did these things just by attending meetings. Until that date, I had NO desire to ever stop drinking. I certainly didn't have a sponsor. Why should I? I wasn't gonna stop drinking. But, it happened.

Over the past 6+ years, I have come to rely on Step 3 throughout each day. By letting go I am happy. Serene. I no longer need to control the world and what a great relief that is! Whenever I am troubled, it almost always boils down to not practicing this concept.

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

for the end of the chapter, "The Family Afterward" of the Big Book.
... First Things First
... Live and Let Live
... Easy Does It

that I hear so many helpful hints and suggestions at an AA meeting

for air conditioning

for my cats - I haven't mentioned them in a while.

The wishbone will never replace the backbone.
- Will Henry


Peggy G said...

Love that last quote! So true! Sums it up. I look forward to tomorrow, I'm on my first 4th Step.

Em said...

Step 3 definitely gets me through each day. Also, the family afterward is a well worn chapter in my book. my husband is a 'normal' drinker supposedly and doesn't have a program. I constantly read the Family Afterward to keep perspective. thanks for this post. I'm grateful for AC also :) and for all these blogs I've found to inspire me and help keep me sober

Mary Christine said...

I <3 the 3rd step.

Syd said...

So true that when I am I'll at ease or troubled I am trying to keep my will and not God's.

Jeremy said...

I marvel at how often I turn back to Step 3 - it is truly such a relief.

Bill said...

My liberum arbitrium comes back like a bunion, so I have to practice Step 3 every day else it starts to hurt.

marie said...

step 3 enabled me to not try to fix my husband's bad mood today. In the end, I remained in my good place and ironically, he may have gotten to one of his own. It feels good to get out of the way every once in a while! I should do it more often (lol)