Friday, November 17, 2006

Choices - good and bad

I live in Houston, Texas, the 4th largest city in the United States.
I guess things are pretty good because the local CBS-TV affiliate led off their news with a story about a bridge being renamed for deceased politician Ann Richards.
Don't get me wrong; I was a fan of Ms Richards.
But if this is the biggest news item these pros can come up with, things must be damn good!

THIS should be bigger news. Don't ya think?
Check the demo.

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

that I get to attend my 3 AA meetings today, all before 1pm

that I continue to hear lame excuses from alcoholics on why they relapsed;
they keep me on my spiritual toes

that Zane made a good choice; facts are a great thing to have when a decision must be made

that I'm not flying over the next 10 days when America's airports are their busiest

for some incredibly nice weather here in Houston

that MC's blog , Anonymous Alcoholic, will return on its own time

that I don't even think about the fact I smoked for 36 years any more unless someone asks me how I am doing with the non-smoking; it's just another part of my past-life

for the 8 whole days that this country went before the newly empowered Democrats began scratching each other's eyes out for power over each other - it is nothing short of insanity!
They're acting just like .... Republicans.

that my chronic lower back pains are not terminal LOL

Choices are the hinges of destiny.
-Edwin Markham


Mary Christine said...

Thanks for several laughs this morning. And, I decided to post something in hopes of jolting my blog back to life, and it seems to have worked! Thanks for your support.

Scott W said...

I have to keep my hinges oiled!

Trudging said...

I know what you mean about the news, I often get the feeling that it is all contrived

Scott said...

lol dAAve, dem or republican, in the end they're mostly all the same. They're there for $$ and power...

I love the funnies this morning!
THanks for the smile.. and yeah I love to hear those lame excuses too. Early on in a men's meeting I actually asked a guy in the meeting why he relapsed, or what he did/didnt do that caused it. Several guys we surprised, and he was a little offended, but I wanted to know, so I didnt do what he did. Hey, its a selfish program!

Tab said...

Ever try acupuncture for that back pain? I haven't seen a chiropractor in years since discovering acupuncture treatments for my neck and back.
Works for me I'm just say'in..

Wishing we had some Texan weather here today..ugh...more rain as I type :P

Thanks for all that you share:)

Meg Moran said...

I'm grateful today that I even HAVE choices. When I was "in my disease" my options were dismal and few.

One of my best choices today is to support by sobriety by staying connected to you all, (or is is ya'all?)

Shannon said...

I love your humor happy fridaay daave

SCoUt said...

dAAve, my blog is titled for you and all of your E,S, and H. Thanks for all you give -- even when you think no one is looking.

Sober Chick said...

Well at least Rafael is honest with God at such an early age. :)

Happy Friday.

Carly said...

Just watched "Thank You For Smoking" tonight. Have you seen it? One of the sharpest, funniest movies I've seen. Thanks for the post and another great letter to God.

lash505 said...

WOW MC is back did you do that daave..check out my site tomorrow I will be mobile via blackberry.

Diego said...

Happy Saturday my friend and yes, nore will be revealed...