Monday, December 29, 2008


todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

that my inner compass points me in the right direction more often these days

for a really quick birthday night at Lambda where only 18 of 25 celebrants showed up, two of whom were Rodney W. and Jeremy M. -- At Lambda Center, we celebrate annual sobriety birthdays just once per month, on the last Saturday of the month. I know that many venues celebrate each week or even every day with a cake, but not here.

for my good friend Norris L, who is going through a most difficult illness with grace

that we don't have to deal with snow where I live (hurricanes & frequent floods yes, but no snow)

The world steps aside to let any man pass if he knows where he is going.
-David S. Jordan


Bill said...

I've said a prayer for Norris.

Thanks for pinpointing the year on the Christmas Cadillac!

Pam said...

Dave I want to hear the singing and it won't play...fix it mi amigo.
I am so so glad that there is no snow here. Give me a hurricane over snow any day.

Scott W said...

I am not really sure why you posted that video.

Mary Christine said...

I guess there are snow people and no snow people. It is a good thing I am a snow people.

Have a great Monday Daave.

Syd said...

I am with MC--I am a snow people too. And I don't like hurricanes one bit. Give me a blizzard anyday.

Lou said...

What handsome priests...hmm.

All the above comments seem kind of whiny to me (except Bill)

steveroni said...

Give me that one hurricane every seven years, and keep the snow north of the border (FL border, that is!)

And thank you for the music, dAAve. You regularly send us "good shit" (That IS a compliment, one of the highest, they tell me, in Naples, FL)