Sunday, January 08, 2012

Me? A Versatile Blogger?

A few days ago, Mary Christine at BEING SOBER (see the link on my sidebar) chose me as someone she'd like to give this in-house blogger award.  I'm supposed to list 7 things about me that I have not yet revealed.  There's a link on my sidebar called "100 things about me" that I wrote many years ago when I began this blog.  I don't know what I can add to that.  I'm also supposed to tag 3 others to do the same.
I'll try to find those 7 things and list them here, but I'm not gonna tag anyone.  If you'd like to make such a list for yourself, go for it.
OK.  Let's see what comes out ...........

1. I'm a car afficionado.  Since I was a small child I've loved cars. Now, at 57, I have 4 cars, 2 of them so-called collector cars.  I occasionally enter them in car shows.

2.  I've always collected things.  Nothing big.  Nothing important.  Just things.

3.  I'm afraid of heights in some cases.  But I've flown in many helicopters and even sky-dived with no fear at all.  That seems kinda weird to me.

4.  I'm a weather watcher.  I actually understand how weather systems work.

5.  I don't need an alarm clock.  I've always been an early riser, even when I drank to oblivion the night before.

6.  Sometimes I have a need to be in the middle of things.  Other times, I'd prefer to just be in the background.   This seems to work well for me as a recovering alcoholic.

7.  I enjoy working in my yard.  Raking leaves and pulling weeds.  Keeping the grass trimmed and neat.  Pulling weeds?  You gotta be kidding!


note: I attended the Houston Texans playoff games yesterday and was one of over 71,000 fans on hand.  It was a great experience. (we won)


Lou said...

I've enjoyed reading everyone's 7 things.
I don't need an alarm either, I always wake up no matter what time I go to sleep. Interesting how different/same people are like that.

Pammie said...

I thought I could hear you cheering right thru my TV set!!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I like these lists :)

Mary Christine said...

I was so happy to hear Mr. Kubiak's team won.

And thanks for participating in the list thing - I didn't think you would!

louisey said...

I like being reminded of things about you!

Furtheron said...

the scared of heights thing... with me I can fly and be in tall buildings etc. generally without an issue, it is when I am exposed to the height... e.g. in Boston you can go to the top of the Prudential Tower and walk around looking at the view - all in doors through windows. Fine. Top of the Empire State where you walk up to a guard rail but are outside - that flips me... can't do it. We climbed a hill in the Lake District and I was fine until my daughter said "come look at the view this side"... about a 400ft vertical fall... again I was a quivering wrek

Syd said...

A great list. I had forgotten how much you love your yard. Digging in the dirt is therapeutic. We share quite a number of these, except the early riser thing. I now "sleep in" until 7:00 but am generally up past midnight.

ScottF said...

great list, we have much in common! Congrats on the Texans first ever playoff appearance an win!