Sunday, October 21, 2012

Achieving Peace of Mind

1. Talk It Out. Confide your worry to a level-headed  person.

2. Escape For A While. Sleep, read, draw, etc. Be prepared to come back and deal with the problem.

3. Work Off Your Anger. Do something physical. It will help intellectually.

4. Give In Occasionally. Everyone has to be on top sometime. Yield. Others will too.

5. Do Something For Others. It will give you a better  feeling.

6. Take One Thing at A Time. While under pressure, an ordinary workload IS
    painful. Take one task at a time. Don't overestimate the importance of things, or of your own importance.

7. Shun The Superman Urge. Perfection is an invitation to failure. Decide the things you do well and put major effort into them. Give other tasks the best of your ability BUT don't take yourself down if perfection isn't reached.

8. Go Easy With Criticism. Some people expect too much of others, then feel let down, disappointed, frustrated when another person doesn't measure up. Each person has a right to develop as an individual. People who feel let down by the shortcomings (real or otherwise) of others are really let down about THEMSELVES.

9. Give The Other Fellow A Break. People under tension feel they have to get there first no matter how trivial the goal. Everything becomes a race. Competition is contagious but so is cooperation. Give the other fellow a break, then you won't be a threat to him, nor him to you.

10.   Make Yourself Available. Many people feel left out, slighted, neglected.
 Often it is imagined. Instead of withdrawing. It is healthier and more practical to  
 make overtures. There is middle ground.

11. Schedule Recreation. If it's hard to take time out, put it on a schedule and throw yourself into it forgetting all work.


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