Friday, June 02, 2006


todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

for a nice visit with Mom at the nursing home

for a thought I had while there -- that today, I will stop by her home of 43 years on my way to the sale/closing of said home and go inside. Then I will say a prayer thanking God for all of the memories our family has taken from that house home. Then I will leave and go collect a bunch of money. She liked both of those ideas.

for a great meeting yesterday with my sponsor; possibly the most productive time we've had together since we finished working the steps almost 2 years ago

that I have decided to do some travelling over the next few months; probably to NYC and London; after almost non-stop international and some domestic travel (living in hotels for most of 15 years) I have not been anywhere since getting sober 3 years ago

that I have 3 sponsee's who are working on steps 1, 4 and 11 which really keeps me connected

for the large number of people in the AA meetings I've attended the past several days who are back from relapses

for another thought I had (this could be a dangerous trend) -- Apparently, humans are not perfect. Learning how to live with the imperfections around us while dealing with the defects within us are what life is all about.

More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren't so busy denying them.
-Harold J. Smith


Scott W said...

Imperfections and defects...what are ya tryin to do, scare me?

I love the idea of thanking God for all the memories you all have from that house that sheltered your lovely mom and gave you a place to grow up into the great friend you are today. Okay, I just did, now it's your turn.

Matt said...

Good luck with everything today...and I like your thought you wrote about. That's where I am today actually.

Shannon said...

OH what a relief! I am sooo glad that I am not perfect anymore... LOL
when do you leave? How long? will you blog?
Oh my

Gwen said...

I am with shannon on this one. It is a HUGE relief to be human and that means imperfect. I could never live up to my own standards.
Happy travels
Joyous weekend
Free from substance