Wednesday, October 10, 2007

No Smoking (please)

It began with a few Marlboro and then Winston cigarettes when I was 16 years old. By the time I was 17, I was smoking a pack each day. A year later after graduating from high school and no longer running track, my consumption rose to 2 packs each day. By the age of 20 I could smoke up to 3 packs/day.

This consumption rate continued unabated for the next 32 years. I changed to Salem menthols in my early 20's and smoked those exclusively for about 20 years. I smoked Marlboro Lights for the last 10 years of smoking.

Finally, enough was enough. Scott W. had become a non-smoker in 2005 simply by reading a book AND wanting to stop. He made it look so easy. I tried it and it worked. This happened one year ago -- today!

If you want to stop, get this book and give it an honest read.

It could save your life.

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

that I have so many choices

that I can change my minds

that people trust me enough to voice their problems to me

THIS LINK to some A.A. PSA's

that I no longer have cigarette breath

that I no longer need leg surgery to repair vascular damage caused by nicotine

that I no longer spend hundreds of dollars each month on cigarettes

that I no longer feel uncomfortable without a pack of cigs on me

There is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience.
- unknown


Pam said...

can I have your extra hundreds of dollars each month? I need it to pay for my cigs.
That is SOOOO great Dave. I'm getting pretty tired of my struggle with tobacco. But I've only smoked for 37 I'll probably be thru any day now.
JEEEZ...maybe I'll buy the damn book!! - proud of you!

Katia said...

This is awesome - good for you!

I quit smoking Nov - March every year. I am too lazy to get on warm clothes in the winter and stand on the porch like the loonie that I am. I start up again when it gets warmer.

Have a great day!

Mary Christine said...

What a miracle it is to stop smoking. I am so grateful that this miracle happened for you - and for me.

Thanks for the link to the PSAs too. They made me cry!

Motorcycle Mike - Sober Biker said...

Congrats... As I recall, I met you about the time you were quitting..

Wow, how time flies when you're happy, joyous and free.

Scott W said...

Funny, it seems like you have been a non-smoker for a lot longer than a year. You and I are lucky that it really was time to quit AND we had a power greater than ourselves to offer it to. I still marvel at how disgusting a habit it is and that I did it for so long.


Scott W said...

Oh, I almost forgot. Congratulations!

Phil said...

Congratulations, dAAve! You're an inspiration.

recoveryroad said...

**fires up a big red Marlboro**

Mind you. I'm probably orally fixated.

Tab said...

I just admire the shit out of you Dave :) I love this post.Thank you for sharing and happy one year with no ashtray breath xo

lisa said...

Congrats Dave.....doesn't it feel GREAT! Just recently was my 2 year date of quitting the nasty things, after 32 years of smoking for me too.

Good job!

dbv said...

good for you!!! i'l be smoke-free for 3 years on oct. 19th... i'm celebrating in the islands where i quit... i read a book too, it was 7 steps to a smoke free life... i could do that one... there was no fearless and searching moral inventory or that amends step... a breeze... lol... congrats, and don't you feel so much better?