Thursday, November 08, 2012

a few thoughts

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

for the opportunities that life will present to me today.  I have no idea what these may be, but whatever they are, it's called life.

that I'm an optimist and don't let all of these doomsdayers on Facebook get me down.
I'm pretty active on FB and have been appalled by the things I've read from my friends during this political season.

that I have no desire to get stoned again.  Part of my story is that I smoked marijuana for as long as I drank.  Occasionally, I would go for a month or two without smoking dope, unlike my drinking.  I never went a day without drinking.  At the age of 39, I decided to quit my really good job (while living in London) and move to Amsterdam.  I had been to Amsterdam 30+ times for a day or 2 or 3 at a time, but I wanted to live there and get the true experience.  So I stayed stoned pretty much 24/7.  Have fun, Denver.

If you want to make an easy job seem mighty hard, just keep putting off doing it.  
~Olin Miller


Christina Parodi said...

Amen Amen Amen!!!

Syd said...

I too have been shocked by comments from people I thought that I knew. Turns out I didn't really know them at all, or at least that particular part of them that hated so much.

Mary Christine said...

I have talked to lots of people about the marijuana legalization here in Colorado. From my small sample, everyone who has actually smoked pot voted against, those who have no experience with the drug thought it would be a good idea and voted for legalization. Funny that.