Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Living on borrowed time

"We are living on borrowed time. We are living today because of AA and the grace of God. And what there is left of our lives we owe to AA and to God. We should make the best use we can of our borrowed time and in some small measure pay back for that part of our lives which we wasted before we came into AA. Our lives from now on are not our own. We hold them in trust for God and AA. And we must do all we can to forward the great movement that has given us a new lease on life. Am I holding my life in trust for AA?"
Twenty-Four Hours a Day

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thaAAnkful

that this way of life is becoming ingrained in me as the way to live

that when I woke up this morning, I was sober!

for the many ways that Pause When Agitated or Confused works in my life (it saved me a lot of money last night when I went furniture shopping)

for the insightful 7th Step meeting at noon yesterday

that we read Bill's Story this morning and to be reminded of his spiritual awakening

that Doing the Next Right Thing rarely includes breaking the law

that each day an alternative is provided for everything I want to do

for all the bloggers who supplied e-food at MC's e-party yesterday and that I didn't gain any e-weight

"It's no wonder your mother pushes your buttons.
She installed them."
Denial Is Not a River in Egypt


Gwen said...

I think my brothers installed me buttons. They really know how to push-em.

Have a great 24 dAAve!

Mr. H.K. said...

That's a great Al-Anon quote about installing buttons as well! I always got a kick outta that quote!

Tab said...

not only was the food great at MC's party but the company was fab!!!!

Sober Chick said...

Yes dAAve sober u were this morning but how about a food hangover from MCs party?

Lex-Sunshine said...

I still have all the buttons, I've just learned to disconnect the wires : )


Wasn't MC party great! I'm glad you aren't breaking the law.
I see you,

Shannon said...

I love that you talked about being reminded of Bill's spiritual expirence... last night I heard about our memories and how imporatant is to remember and celebrate all that GOD/HP do for us, and I was thinking this morning how when I was knew I needed and enjoyed hearing about spiritual expirences, burning bushes and otherwise... so thanks again for reminding me to remember
and I woke up sober this morning too!

dbv said...

between joey and large tony no less... i'm flattered... show me how and i'll do it... can i buy you coffee and you show me... dbv

Mary Christine said...

I think kids are better at knowing where their parents' freaking buttons are! Issues? who me?

Anyway, the party was great. Can't wait to do it again. Who's next? hmmm. I think some guy in Texas who will have three years...

Carly said...

Great quote -- I hadn't heard that one before -- made me laugh out loud!

Scott W said...

Dave: Sept 5th!

BigSkymAAck said...

The quote from the 24 hour book is a moving one. Thank You for sharing it with us.

Now that party was awesome I must have gained some weight. After all I do have to maintain my figur. So you left with a cop........hmmm

Daily Piglet said...

"that this way of life is becoming ingrained in me as the way to live"

This truely is my design for living.

lash505 said...

hah I installed a lot of buttons. It a good thing to remember that we are on borrowed time. Because it makes the now more important.