Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Southern Boy meets Yankees

My first trip to New York City.

It had to include a visit to Yankee Stadium. I bought a ticket online 3 weeks before going.

From the hotel, I walked the few blocks to the nearest subway station that would get me to The Bronx and the stadium. The 59th Street Station.

The subway took about 30 minutes as we passed from Cental Park north to The Bronx.

This (right) is the entrance I went into the stadium.

Actually, I got to the game late as the starting time changed and I didn't know it. So after entering, I looked out at the first place I could. I was at the left field foul pole.

A full stadium. The Subway Series.
The Mets vs The Yankees.

My seat was located in right field, just inside the foul pole. So I had to walk more than halfway around the stadium. Long beer and bathroom lines made for a slow walk in getting there.

The Mets won this game 8-2 so a lot of Yankee fans went home disappointed. But not this baseball fan. I came to see The House That Ruth Built, not just a baseball game. The Yankees have won more world championships than any team in the history of professional sports. Consistency. Perseverance. Quality. I respect that.

I made my way back to the subway and Midtown. Satisfied.
Maybe one day my Astros will play here - in October.


Mr. H.K. said...


A dream come true!

Was good meeting you and Scott, too!

Glad to know you got home safe!



Go Mets!...O.K. I mean Red Sox...O.K. you know what I mean.
I see you,

Trudging said...

Fucking Yankees man

Mary Christine said...

You have never been to New York before?

Gwen said...

John sometimes gets tickets from work the first row above the dugout. He took Reid to his first game in those seats. They got some great pics of the players.

Glad you got to make it there. Nice pics.

AAwoken said... were in the beer line?

Lex-Sunshine said...

Go 'Stros!!!!!

great story! Keep 'em comin'!

sirreene said...

The subway ride to the stadium is an experience in itself! I am so glad that you made this trip. It is exciting to see the pictures you have posted.

dAAve said...

MC- - Nope. This was my firstest ever visit.

aawoken - Fortunately, I managed to walk around the beer line. It was unavoidable.

R.J. said...

Dang! I miss reading your blog for a couple of days and you go all jet-setting on me. Sounds like my favorite, anal-retentive, obsessive-compulsive nutcase had a great trip. Thanks for sharing the stories! Also, glad you could get out of your comfort zone and still be strong and happy.

Diego said...

Man, I'm glad you get to do cool stuff like going to NYC and the rest....."we're not a glum lot"...

Hannen said...

I'm glad you made it back safe and sound. I thought about you several times during the weekend. I knew you'd have a good time!

lash505 said...

That is too cool for you Dave lol

Lee said...

Glad you enjoyed yer trip and that it was a good one!