Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Free (at last)

I drank alcoholically for 3+ decades. I didn't do drugs, though.
Well, I've smoked cigarettes for 35 years.
And marijuana for 33 years.

I guess I did poppers occcasionally. For about 25 years.
I suppose I also did cocaine and acid a few times.
And mushrooms and speed.
Oh yeah, I huffed for a while.
But really, I just drank.
Yeah, right.

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

for a fantastic AA meeting @ noon yesterday, chaired by Boston

for lunch @ Barnaby's with 7 others and eating something different than my normal fare

that I actively participate in my recovery every day and reap the rewards

for Steps 6 & 7 and the freedom I receive by practicing them

that I was able to say NO! to my nephew's request for another monetary hand-out and not feel guilty for very long (thanks Scott)

that my former bf Hayden now has concrete travel dates set. He'll be staying with me for almost a month, arriving 12 days from now. There is still a lot of love and deep feelings, but I know and accept that we'll never be together again. This is HUGE for me and I have a lot of contemplation and praying to do and I told him this. (step 7 step 7 step 7 step 7)

that tomorrow is hAAlf nAAked thursdAAy

Nothing lowers the level on conversation more than raising the voice.
-Stanley Horowitz



Yeah, I didn't do drugs either...blahahahaha.
I see you,

Mary Christine said...

Wow. That is going to be huge to have him staying with you.

Scott W said...

So, you're having a step 7 escalator installed?

AAwoken said...


Re: The drugs. I could never really post my drug history. No one would believe me!

Designer Girl said...

Re: Drug History: You wild child, you! I'm glad you're sober NOW!

Re: Ex bf: What AAwoken said.

Re: Lunch with 7 OTHERS and SAYING NO to nephew's request for $$: YAY dAAVE!!!!! Way to go!

Matt said... the butthole thing.

Tab said...

Free at last..that is the best way I see my life drug and alcohol free.That escape just isn't an option for me anymore.I too tried it all and am so grateful to be alive and well today.
I love living clean and sober!

Your visit with Hayden sounds like
it is going to be very special Daave.That is so wonderful to read.

Great post again..
thanks for sharing!

Lex-Sunshine said...

Awesome insight all through out the post! : ) You're wonderful!

recoveryroad said...

I like the drugs post, Dave. Good work fella.

Gwen said...

Giggles to your pic ~

Sam said...

ya know, it's funny how reading your post reinforces my feeling connected to my higher power. i just read piglet's post about Kelly and got chills up and down my spine and the hairs on my arms were standing up. The same just happened when I read your post. Maybe it's time for me to start making my rounds again, at least a little...

Thank you, daave.

Mr. H.K. said...

That poster is a riot! Sounds like you were quite the Party Boy!

And we all glad you caught it in time!

Scott said...

my friend, I am with you on the drugs... I am with you on spending time with a true love, knowing it is what it is and will be no more...

I am so glad I know you, we're alot alike and I get a ton from what you share, keep sharing, and thanks for shooting me over to that post...

Jake McCafferty said...

Careful, I'm not sure the butthole thing would be a deterrent to some people. In fact, you might be an enabler. ;-)

Ricky!!! said...

I wish I could make that meeting at noon with Boston. I love her courage and how she doesn't give up

Daily Piglet said...

As I am sure you've heard this before, I must repeat it. Sometimes doing the right thing feels wrong. And, other people are entitled to their own misery (them thar Al-Anon folks are teaching me a lot!)

As for Hayden, I say be careful too. As long as you stick close to your herd, don't keep any secrets from yourself OR your sponsor you can walk through anything. That relationship stuff is tricky as hell.

It does help us to be closer to God, no doubt about that :)