Thursday, August 17, 2006

hAAlf nAAked thursdAAy

My Mr. Coffee bit the dust.
... felt hAAlf nAAked

Got this other brand now.
... covered my ass
and was nAAked no more

drop by to visit the other HNT freaks

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

for a great AA meeting about relationships at the 6:30am get-together

for the topic of ANGER on Sobriety Society this week; drop by and comment if you wish

for further insight into the power of this disease

that almost all of my friends are in AA and recovery; that's a 180 degree turn from 3 years ago

that I'm gonna be on a tight schedule tomorrow morning -- 6:30am AA meeting, 8:30am appointment with Mom's dentist (35 miles away), 10:00am AA meeting*, 11:00am work the coffee bar @ Lambda Center
* I don't believe I can make this

that I'm going to join a gym next week (did I say that?)

that I'm willing to believe that in the not-too-distant-future I may have a desire to be willing to have a desire to stop smoking

I have learned to seek my happiness by limiting my desires, rather than in attempting to satisfy them.
-John Stuart Mill



A state of emergency would be called if my coffee maker bit the dust.
I see you,

Mary Christine said...

That looks like a very nice coffee maker. Congrats on the gym membership.

recoveryroad said...

Hi Dave.

How do I post to half-naked? Or could someone do it for me?

I had lots of coffee today. :-D Yum!

Designer Girl said...

I have coffeemaker envy!

We once loaned our "big" coffeemaker to a non-coffee-drinking friend when he and his wife were having an evening meeting at home and wanted to be able to serve coffee. He was a few days getting it back to us and upon returning it, remarked that we must be going through serious withdrawal. I just laughed, and said "Oh, Honey! We have 5 other coffeemakers. You don't honestly think we could live for very long with just one, do you?"

Greg said...

Good morning Daave, ahh coffee the nectar of life :):):) I never realy realized how much of a staple coffee is to us addicts, alcoholics. The other night I volunterred at the alano club and didn't have coffee ready at exatly 5pm lets just say 2 people were irate with me...I wont do that agian. Don't mess with peoples coffee intake is what I learned that day. I wonder what I will learn today. hagd yfg

sirreene said...

Join my gym dAAve, I'll show you around and introduce you do all the Jim's.

dAAve said...

sirreene -- I'm waiting for JJ to introduce me to BOB.

Ricky!!! said...

Congratulations on joining a gym! Very cool indeed
We take care of the mind, body, and soul

Sam said...

Be sure to put your coffee in a travel mug for when you're on the treadmill!

Diego said...

That's taking care of yourself and best to you and your Mom........D

BigSkymAAck said...

That coffe pot looks good. The people I was staying with are not coffee drinkers so it was freeze dried instant first thing. If I got lucky we went for breakfast or to a Starbucks. This morning I had the good stuff at home again.

craftylady said...

I am in a serious state of shock - joining a gym and thinking about giving up smoking. Good on you.

piglet said...

Dave, don't go off the deep end or anything :)

Love that coffee maker.

Good luck on your plans.

What's the scoop on your house visitor?