Friday, December 08, 2006

All the way to the bank

Dear Santa,
I want a new bike, a Playstation, a train, some G.I. Joe's, a dog, a drum kit, a pony and a tuba.

Dear Francis,
Who names their kid "Francis" nowadays? I bet you're gay.

todAAy i AAm grAATeful & thAAnkful

that we (the nursing home staff and myself) made a decision to try some new methods to treat my Mom and her depression (she has not been doing well lately)

for breakfast with my sponsor; for his support and wisdom

that, because of being sober, I get to have new feelings about old situations even at the age of 52

that I heard this at an AA meeting: "I didn't stop drinking because I finally had enough to drink. I stopped because I couldn't get enough." Boy, do I understand that!!

tht some of you guys will give me some feedback on ...
the new version of Blogger. Have you made the jump? Good? Bad?

that this week marks 2 years of doing this blog; I began 2 days after Scott W -- THIS is my first real post

that I am nothing, if not consistent -- the Good & the Bad

Most of us spend our lives as if we have another one in the bank.
-Ben Irwin


Redhead Gal said...

I'm very glad you started blogging, dAAve. Your blog helps me stay sober.

Pam said...

I'm happy you're consistant, at least with the a.m. blogging. I'll mention "Daves Mother" in my daily commute to work prayer this morning.


I am too chicken shit to switch to the new blogger format. I have enough problems with my blog already.
"I didn't stop drinking because I finally had enough to drink. I stopped because I couldn't get enough." = damn that is good.

Mary Christine said...

I am so glad you are blogging Daave. YOu are consistent and I appreciate that.

I am afeared of switching to the new blogger format too. But I noticed lately when all the other blogs were not available, the Beta Blogger ones were. hmmmm. I was going to ask the same question today.

Trish G. said...

Great quote. That sums it up for me too. I really appreciate your blog, as well as all the others. Many days this is the only recovery contact I have. You definitely help me stay sober one day at a time.

Mele Kalikimaka!

recoveryroad said...

"I didn't stop drinking because I finally had enough to drink. I stopped because I couldn't get enough."

- too right, baby.

I'll remember your mum in my meditations.

Shannon said...

First off your mom is in my prayers. is it the holidays?
I am a bit blue meself, miss my mom and dad sorta stuff... anyway.. I hope her situation goes up.. :)

and I am having trouble with my blog and going to the "new version" my blog changed and its kinda weird.. and I did try to go to the "new" version but said I could not.. I was wondering if you would help me, maybe? if you have time. we can instant message? I have MSN and Yahoo... let me know thanks

SCoUt said...

That Santa letter is hillarious, dAAve.
Thanks for being consistent.

Motorcycle Mike - Sober Biker said...

FEAR is a four letter word that means "Going to the new Beta Blogger"

I am with all the other chickens out there. not wanting to change.

oh, and thanks for two years of blogs.....

Sober Chick said...

Well some of the bloggers can't change yet. If you have mulitple blogs or a long blog the system won't allow you to upgrade. They are working on this and will have it accessible to all soon.

Congrats on the 2 years of blogging your heart out. May you continue to blog and find the humor you do in recovery.

Sober @ Sundown said...

The comment about not getting enough to drink is soooooo true!

I count on your consistency, dAAve.