Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Changing me

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

for awareness of the way I've changed over the years.  I can look back on my 33 years of drinking and see the progression of my disease.  I see how it quickly became the most important part of every day regardless of whether I was actively drinking yet that day. 

I no longer drink alcohol.  Amazing.

Since I stopped drinking, the evolution of my understanding of a Higher Power still amazes me.  If you knew how negative I was about spirituality and God before I came into AA, you would understand what I mean. 

I've changed in that I am usually no longer afraid of people.  I have trained myself to greet strangers at the AA clubhouse I attend.  It's still a little scary sometime, but I tell myself that it's part of my recovery from isolation.  Just do it, David.

I enjoy doing things for others.  No longer am I only concerned with what I can take away from a situation, but it's important for me to leave some recovery on the table.

My temper seems to be in check.  From day number one of sobriety, I almost never raise my voice any more.  This is a new me! 

We cannot change anything until we accept it.
- Carl Jung


Pammie said...

I like the new you.
I may have liked th old you as well but we will never know.

Lou said...

You get up as early as I do. Earlier even, when you count the time difference.

Mary Christine said...

You are a steady voice of good recovery. Thank you.

Syd said...

Letting go of anger is an awesome thing. Glad that there is a new you.

tjmiller said...

In regards to anger, I still have an ocassional outburst. Working on that!

Carol said...

Acceptance is huge, isn't it? And then the change is what God wills. If I'm 'accepting' with fingers crossed because I have an agenda about how I'm going to change, well then, that just doesn't work that way!