Monday, November 07, 2011

It's Monday Again!

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

that some of the feelings I had in early sobriety are no longer part of my life.  Mainly I'm talking about the things that made me want to isolate.  I rarely feel "less than" any more.  I don't feel "left out" much any more. 
But even if I do, I don't feel the need to isolate. 
If you've never experienced these feelings I doubt you can understand how pervasive they can be. 
They absolutely dominated my thinking at times.  Progress.

that my position as co-chairperson of the 2011 Houston Roundup has become pretty intense.  I began this role back in January and we've had very smooth sailing all year.  But the event nears (Thanksgiving weekend) and as everything is coming together, the details seem never-ending and are important to pay attention to. 
This Roundup is a conference of about 300 people in recovery for 3 days.
I can't wait for it to begin. 
And end.

that I was treated to an afternoon at the Texans-Browns football game (we won 30-12)

Gardening is all about optimism.
~~ Mary Anne Radmacher


Mary Christine said...

I bet the roundup will be awesome this year. I enjoyed it so much the year I got to be there.

wf: shlog. (blog scholg, whatever!)

Anonymous said...

I like the gardening quote!

Syd said...

I wish that I could be there for the Roundup. I am sure that it must be difficult to put it all together. Because you are coordinating it, I am sure it will be the best ever.

Lulu said...

this blog is a comment eater. I tried this a few minutes ago and got an error...lets see if this works.

Nice post. I'm at 11 months plus and still having issues about feeling like an outsider. With my drinking friends and family, I feel like an outsider. It doesn't help that nobody seems to think I had a "real" problem (since I quit before things got out of control--external things anyway. Between my ears it got pretty bad) so my non-drinking is treated more like this random quirkiness of mine rather than something I've had to work at.

And, since I've never really done AA (only gone to a handful of meetings) I feel weird and "outside" there as well. I'm a member of an online recovery group that has been enough...but on occasion I've tried to go to AA meetings and being there, not knowing anybody and being both a newb (to AA) and yet not a total newb with regards to sobriety...feels awkward as well....

Oh well, just commenting to tell you it was a pertinent post for me, I guess.

dAAve said...

Thanks for dropping by, Lulu.
I hope that you can find some fellowship in the program of AA or wherever you decide to go. I believe we all need friends who understand us; people we can share these unfamiliar feelings with.

Good luck on your sobriety!!