Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Recovery things

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

for the 12 steps

that A.A. offers me a wonderful design for living

to know that sobriety does not give me instant manageability; there's alot of work required

for questions from non-alkies who are curious about recovery.  I was asked why I still go to meetings.  The simple answer is so I can stay sober.  But it's really much more than that. 

I go to meetings ...
... to learn more about recovery
... to be reminded of everything I have already forgotten about recovery
... to help others with my experience, strength and hope
... because all of my friends are in recovery
... what else would I do?  Stay home? 

Darkness cannot drive out darkness;
only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate;
only love can do that.

- Martin Luther King, Jr.


Pammie said...

It's a place to drive your cars.
It's the most interesting place in town.
Everybody knows your name.

Mary Christine said...

Your pretty plants are there too.

Syd said...

I go because I am a different person after going to a meeting.