Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Freedom to be Grateful

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

for some wise (through no fault of my own) financial investments that continue to grow

that I possess good health, especially since I currently have no health insurance

one of my goals this year is to invest in a health insurance program

that actually, I began that investment 2 years and 5 months ago when I stopped drinking

for a GREAT! 6:30am meeting today in which I was reminded that if I am practicing these principles in all my affairs, I will not want to drink. This, of course, refers to the Twelve Steps of AA.

for my fireplace, although living in Houston, I rarely get to use it

that a member of Lambda Center will be painting my 2-story staircase wall soon for a very reasonable fee

A.A. members told me that I would not only find a way to live without having a drink, but that I would find a way to live without wanting to drink.
ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS, 4th edition, , page 549


sirreene said...

A fireplace that you don't use? C'mon....get out those marshmellows!

Alexis said...

aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.......... thanks for a little serenity and grAAtitude this morning dAAve! I needed to hear that!

and I love my fireplace, I just have candles in it instead. I think I only used it twice this 'winter'.

Rex said...

great list....thanks for a little Serenity!

recoveryroad said...

Couldn't you burn cacti and coyotes in your fireplace?


Scott said...

yes yes, that's the nugget of recovery!!

Not only can we not drink a day at a time, we can not WANT to drink a day at a time, there's the real gift, the peace that comes with the removal (by HP) of my obsession to drink.... oh man what a relief!!

Shannon said...

well I am glad you are liking your fireplace we use ours here... and thanks for that last quote,..

have a good day

AAwoken said...

I have friends that have fireplaces here, IN THE TROPICS!!

castor said...

Hey, Dave, you will find your special way to live your life without missing to drink alcohol, for you don't need it at all to be happy! You have a great sense of humor by yourself :-)!


Ahhh nice.
I see you,