Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Safe Sex Dress


I need a good caption for this photo.

(click on the pic to enlarge)

Give me your best shot.




Trudging said...

This district court judge was on Bush's short list for SCOTUS until this photo surface.

Mr. H.K. said...

Home-Cumming Gown

AAwoken said...

Rubbermaid dress?

I'm still sleepy...


My daughter wants to know if they are lubricated or not? Because this would all depend on the caption we want to give it?

She says if they are lubricate it would be easier to get in and out....of the dress....that

Personally I like the Home-cumming gown or Home-Cumming Queen.

I can't come up with anything but my girls are thinking and I can smell the wood burning from here.
I see you,

sirreene said...

She COULD have danced all night, but when wearing a gown designed by Trojan you're safe not to.

What do I win?

Jake McCafferty said...

I missed the contest while traveling. If I'm not too late, may I suggest:

"I'm not a slut ... I prefer 'popular.' "

Anonymous said...

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