Sunday, February 26, 2006

Random stuff

We had a fundraiser last night @ Lambda Center. It was a Mardi Gras Parade with the floats using movies titles as the theme. The floats were actually decorated grocery shopping carts and there were 6 of them which paraded around our main meeting room collecting dollar bills thrown from the seats. There were also 3 superb drag numbers. It was a hoot. I didn't get to take pictures as I was asked to perform other duties. But click here to see Scott's pix. It was a lot of effort from a lot of people. And we raised about $1200 for The Center.

My Mom is really stressing out about her move to a permanent nursing home tomorrow. Please include her in your prayers if you can.

Condolences to the family of actor Don Knotts. He was a childhood hero as I never missed an episode of The Andy Griffith Show. That program, along with others of the 60's era, always had a moral theme running throughout it. By the end of each show there was a life lesson to be learned. Why can't Hollywood do that today? What happened?

I am a lifelong baseball fan. Spring training has begun on the major league level. I anticipate an exciting season as my Houston Astros return from a World Series appearance. As with every team every season, there are question marks. But that's why God made the earth round. So we wouldn't know what's around the corner.

There is an (potentially wonderful) event this weekend in Houston called "The State of the Black Union." African American leaders getting together to discuss what's wrong with America. Louis Farrakhan is one of the leaders present. Nuff said.

Brad Pitt is putting his Hollywood mansion up for sale. You can get it for $25M.



Yeah, I bid on Brad & Jen's house but they turned me down.......bastard!
I see you,

Ricky!!! said...

YOu sure are up to par with Current Events!!

Scott W said...

My, those are random.

Mary Christine said...

Random is good :)

12StepSteve said...

Brad's house might be worth that - if he came with it. :-)

Thank you for the account of the Mardi Gras Party! And for the link to the photos.