Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Daily Reflection

I had a fulfilling day yesterday. After posting on this blog and reading some of your posts, I went to the 8:30am Saturday A.A. meeting which I always attend. From there, I was off to spend some time with my Mom, a 40-minute drive north of Houston. Spent 2 hours with her, then headed home, stopping to pick up some fast food lunch first.

I had the luxury of about 2 hours at home before "the rest of the day."

As secretary of Lambda Center, I have a lot of shit to do some responsibilities. We were having a 4pm Board election for 2 open positions. I had previously made the special ballots and went off to copy those. While making copies, I also printed off 15 copies of the official minutes from the last Board meeting. Then I went to the Bakery to pick up the special cake for Lambda's Birthday Night. I special-ordered that cake on Friday. It is large enough to feed about 75 hungry people. Plenty of sugar.

I got over to Lambda at 3pm. Get the Board room ready for the 4pm election after which we had a 4:30pm monthly Board meeting. Since that meeting would run until 6pm or longer, I had to have the Big Meeting Room prepared for Birthday Night, which begins at 7pm. Typically, that meeting draws 100-125 attendees, including some family members. We had 29 drunks humans celebrating A.A. birthdays so I had their certificates all printed out along with their relevant medallions. I laid these out on a table behind the speaker podium for easy retrieval.

All those meetings went off without a hitch. I got home at 9:30pm. Went to bed an hour later, tired but fulfilled. When I prayed before nodding off to sleep, I jokingly told God that I had not had time to drink today. Then I laughed. In my drinking days, I would have found the time to get drunk. There was always time to get drunk. There just wasn't always time to get the important things done.

I slept well, thank you.


Mary Christine said...

Wow. Sounds like a lot of really good stuff. I still want to know how to do those strike throughs...

Scott W said...

You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

i love those fulfilling days that i have recently.

Trudging said...

There is nothing like a fulfilling day like that.