Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Tool Box

A mechanic can't properly do his job without the necessary tools. He keeps them in a tool box. A person in construction needs a good hammer, a working drill, screwdrivers and nails. He keeps them in a tool box. These people are proud of their tools and generally keep them in good, working order. They know where to find those tools when they're needed.

An alcoholic in recovery benefits immensely from having a tool box. I lived my life using mostly the wrong tools for the job at hand. When I needed to show compassion, I pulled a few pints of beer from my tool box. When I had to be responsible to someone else, I went to the bar. Instead of showering quality love to another human, I drank cheap rum.

My Recovery Tool Box keeps me sober today. And I am anal-retentive enough to write it down. I am obsessive-compulsive enough to update it when I hear of another new tool I can use. If you want to see it, as it exists today, CLICK HERE.

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

that Mom wasn't hurt when she fell yesterday; the 4th time this has happened since her stroke

the good news is that she tries to walk without her walker;
the bad news is that she tries to walk without her walker

for the surprise birthday party yesterday (see post below)

that I'm better at saying NO when it's appropriate
that I'm better at saying YES when it's appropriate

... and the Wisdom to know the difference (LOL)

that I'm getting out of my comfort zone tonight in checking out an event downtown at the request of a friend in recovery(I hate going downtown)

for a week of great weather ahead with temps from 48F - 68F each day

Always hold your head up, but be careful to keep your nose at a friendly level.
-Max L. Forman


Mary Christine said...

I am also grateful that your mom didn't get hurt in her fall. And all the rest too.

Alexis said...

What a wonderful tool box! Thank you for sharing! I think when you walk in the doors they hand you an empty box and what you fill it with is your choice. You chose some GREAT tools!

Kenny said...

Happy birthday to you too Dave!!!!!

I need to update my tool box. Go to Sears and get some new tools, maybe a new toolbox.

Shannon said...

LOve your tool box and thank you for sharing it... hmmmm maybe I should post mine at work thanks for the reminder love ya

Daily Piglet said...

I sure like that list, might not be a bad idea to hand out to new folks if they, like um ask you how you stay sober :)

Trudging said...

Hey have you seen my pliers? Just kidding! That is an awesome idea to write your tool box down