Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Words and more words

Because I am soooooo unique, none of you guys will agree with me on this one.

In the English language, there are some words and phrases that I hate have never liked. Just don't like 'em. No good reason. Just don't like 'em.

A couple of examples are things I hear in the rooms of AA, but it could be anywhere else for that matter. If you use these words/phrases, please go to hell don't be offended. It's nothing personal (unless you're near me).

"serendipity" ... I just hate the way that word sounds
"left to my own devices" ... that phrase rubs me the wrong way every time I hear it

How 'bout you? Got an example?

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

that I got a lot done at Mom's house yesterday -- in other words, I threw away a whole bunch of stuff

that I finally got in touch with one of my nephews to tell him about moving his stuff

for the story in The Big Book (4th edition) called "Acceptance is the Answer"

for the passion I see in people who really believe in the things they are doing

for the weekly wisdom of June and Ward Cleaver

to JJ for showing me how to do this

You have two hands. One to help yourself, the second to help others.


Mary Christine said...

I want to know how to show strike throughs.... please tell me. It would be serendipitous because left to my own devices, I can't figure it out. Sorry dAAve, that was mean. I have so many language pet peeves, I wouldn't know where to begin...

Scott W said...

"serendipity" I like this word because there used to be this fabulous dessert restaurant in New York by the same name.

"left to my own devices" There is a Pet Shop Boys song by the same name. It's a fun song and when I hear someone use the phrase I sing the song to myself. Lyrics here.

There are plenty of things that make me crazy:
1. high five in all its forms
2. that stupid fist to fist greeting
3. the misuse of your and you're
4. the current trend of switching pronouns 'me' and 'I'

I could go on and on and on...

So when are YOU gonna drop the word verification thing?

Anonymous said...

i'm with scott....every time i hear someone say that, it takes me a good 5 minutes to stop hearing the pet shop boys in my head.... i love that song... and it's so true...."i probably would" (set to music, of course)..david

AAwoken said...

I hate when people say "Period". Come to think of it period is a weird word. I like the English way of saying "full stop". Come to think of it punctuation is weird (full stop). AAAAhhhhhh. See it it'll make you crazy.


Happy Wednesday!
I see you,

psychbaby said...

I cringe every time someone says ECk-specially, instead of ESSSSpecially. I hear it more and more, not sure where people get that from.

sirreene said...

The phrase "So don't I" ~ what does that mean? and don't even get me started on "I see you"...

Alexis said...

my pet peeve is when people call it 'being in the program'... what 'program' is that? Like an English Television program. AA is a 'fellowship' of men and women.... you are part of a fellowship in AA, a 'program' is something you complete in a treatment center. drives me nuts!!!! but I'm learning tolerance b/c people say it in almost EVERY meeting I'm in...

joey said...

Actually, the word I actually hate is a word I actually use all the time myself actually.

Can you actually guess what it is?

12StepSteve said...

The phrase that I get tired of the most isn't even from AA. It's when I try to call somebody, and I'm told that he or she is "Out to Lunch.

My normal reply is yes, he has been out to lunch for years, but is he available to come to the phone.....

Shannon said...

oooh I hate brain fart... eewee gross oh and diarrheah of the mouth
of fuck the shit out of you
those all gross me out and hate it when people say it... it really bugs me

yea let go of word verification

dAAve said...

WORD VERIFICATION has been relieved of duty.

** the manager

lash505 said...

Epiphany is the word I hate. Most do not even know the definition.

castor said...

What a :-) serendipity :-) that you are a linguist too!
What is the meaning of the phrase: "Buster a nut" ? It should be something sexual ???


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