Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Boston

Yesterday was Boston B.'s birthday. You may know her as CreAAtive Intelligence.
Her 28th.

Beau threw her a little surprise get-together at his venue of employment.

I think she was truly surprised!

Ricardo stayed on his phone.

Scott played with the balloons.



Surprises are always nice - good surprises that is. Your Mom sounds liek a strong woman!
I see you,

Scott said...

dAAve, glad your mom didn't hurt herself when she fell! I too have that "spiritual kit of tools..." I've found that when I use my tools on a daily basis, I am much less of a tool, on a daily basis... It's even better when I use my tools daily, I find that I have to make fewer repairs... Fewer repairs saves wear and tear on my tools... good stuff dAAve!

Kenny said...

Happy Birthday Bostin!!!!

Shannon said...

wish I was there

Charlie said...

Happy Birthday Boston B.!