Friday, November 25, 2005

I am My Problem

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

for the time I get to spend with my Mom every day - I will miss going today due to other commitments

for the concept of living amends

that yesterday, I got to attend the biggest single AA meeting that Lambda hosts each year; there were approximately 200 recovering alkies in the bunch, and about 30 of them got to share a piece of their Gratitude of being sober

that the above meeting was followed by a wonderful pot luck Thanksgiving dinner

for all of my "second family" who participate in their recovery BUT I sure miss seeing a lot of familiar faces

that our AA Roundup has begun and lasts through the weekend

that I get to hear 5 AA circuit speakers in 3 days

to be reminded that I can either die with this disease OR die from this disease

that I will get to sit at the front for tonight's Roundup play

that I was with 10 bloggers yesterday, all of whom are linked on my sidebar here (we're trying to all get together for a bloto**)


** blogger photo


Trudging said...

Great list Dave!


I agree with Trudge. Great post. Glad to hear Mom is getting better and better with each passing day and I hope you had a good day yesterday.

Shannon said...

well I will be looking forward to your bloto! :) have a great weekend sounds like you have a lot of good stuff going on... :)

lash505 said...

Your Mom is high on the commitment list. That is good..DAVID

castor said...

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Have a great weekend,


DayvudD said...

Dave, I always love seeing your smiling face! Let's make that bloto happen! I have a new camera that should do the trick and I'm carrying it with me. Anyone wanna buy some raffle tickets? :-D

tbiscuit said...

200 people? WOW- that is big. That must be a big clubhouse. There's one like that around here (has a full kitchen and gameroom downstairs- they serve 3 meals a day, etc.), but it's not near my house. Must be a heckuva get-together.