Monday, January 07, 2008

Changing myself

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

for a short, but nice visit with Mom who remains in the hospital pending the outcome of additional tests

for the discipline NOT to act on many of my impulses

for the constant reminders of who I don't want to be -- in sobriety

that I am crazy enough to volunteer my time and effort (once again) to the Lambda Center Board of Directors

to get to hear Steven's story at the Saturday Night Live AA meeting at Lambda; it was told with humility, honesty and humor. Very entertaining and informative.

that I went to Scott's gallery opening on Saturday night. I truly enjoyed being there and watching so many people clamor over his talent and efforts. It made me feel good, but I'm not sure why. It was also wonderful to see so many recovering friends there supporting a fellow alkie who has so much talent.

When you are reluctant to change, think of the beauty of autumn.
~ unknown


Scott W said...

I appreciated you being there Saturday night. Will you please give me back my voice?

Anonymous said...

it was good seeing you this morning at the early meeting. i'm thankful to have you as a constant in my life.

peanut said...

Dear dAAve,

I hope and pray that your mom is comfortable and resting easy.

Also, I will keep her in my prayers.

Bless you.

PJ said...

"It made me feel good, but I'm not sure why."

Maybe because you're now able to look outside yourself and to truly have joy for someone else's success and happiness?? I'm finding this beginning to happen in small ways, too. Weird, huh?!

Love you, dAAve! Happy (belated) New Year!

Syd said...

I also hope that your mother will be okay. Thanks for what you wrote about not acting on impulses. I have to restrain myself sometimes and keep from being impulsive.

Shannon said...

OH man I am with ya on the impulses, whew
I said a prayer for your mom
you are a good friend and son daave

sojo said...

Daave, I had a great weekend in your town! The only bummer was not getting to meet you and Pam and other Houston bloggers.

Anyway, I agree with PJ. It's such a new and strange experience for me to be able to appreciate other people's successes. But it's also one of the greatest pleasures I am finding in sobriety. Not only do we get to fully enjoy our own good times, but other peoples also.

Tab said...

You are such a supportive son and friend Daave.I bet being in a gallery of Scotts artwork was fabulously creative and energizing!

Bill said...

I was just thinking of your mom so I thought I'd drop in...thanks for the update. I send my prayers.

Here's a site I thought you'd like: