Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Family

I have a very small family.
As a group, we get together infrequently.
But we did yesterday.

My mom, Pat.
At 82, she's going pretty strong.
She had a major stroke in 2001 but has recovered quite nicely.

My sister, Lisa and her other half, Billy.
They have a new home in Magnolia, Texas.
She is the best cook I've ever known.

My nephew Charlie.
He's 27 and has 4 step-children.
This one is Jacob.

My other nephew Danny, he's 26 and tall.
He is congratulating me on my sobriety of 2 years.

Lisa has 2 great dogs.

Thsi is Barney.
He's 9 years old now.

And this. Well, this is Bruno. He's a 4 year old English Bulldog.

The centerpiece of attention wherever he is.


Pat said...

You mom looks so perky- good thing she's doing well!

Danny is so.....big! The goofy smiling bulldog is cute too.


Wow awesome pictures Dave. You are very lucky to have your Mom around. She looks great.

Grace said...

Lovely to meet the family Dave, your Mum looks about the same age as me lol :-)

Scott W said...

So glad I got Pat's drawers situated.

Kenny said...

You look like your sister!

GodlessMom said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing them.

Trudging said...

Great family. Thank you for sharing them.

Scott W said...

Ha ha ha!!! Kenny, you always say that!

liz said...

Good to see my American mum looking so good. Hope I look as good when I reach her age.