Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Feline Dilemma

Hayley spent her first year of life on a ranch. She made it to the big city, which is when I adopted her. I didn't know (at the time) that she had just been impregnated by a feral father.

Two months after I gave her a home, she gave birth to 7 healthy kitties. I found homes for 5 and kept 2 of the offspring. Momma still lives with me as well. She's since been spayed along with the young-uns.

But Momma can be a bad girl. While she immediately learned and understood the significance of using the cat box, sometimes Hayley can be rebellious. She has performed #1 and #2 in various strategic locations around the house a number of times. Not often, maybe once a month or two months.

I know about being territorial. I have googled a number of cat websites to look for the answer. The best I can come up with says she is stressed. Stressed!! Over what? She doesn't have to work. I take care of her small family, both financially and health-wise. She sleeps 22 hours a day, wherever the hell she wants to. Often she sleeps in my lap while I'm reading your blogs.

But 2 nights ago, she crossed the line. I was watching the television machine in my easy chair. She jumped up in my lap and immediately -- started pissing in my lap.



Anonymous said...

She was merely letting you know whe is unsatisfied with her accomodations. QN


You are kidding right? Really? Well, the only thing I can think of is cats as well as animals in general can sense stuff/things/whatever that we can't. Maybe she is sensing something. Weird. Were you watching a dog show? I'd still rather be pissed off than pissed on. I don't think I ever blogged about my cats. I should. Are you all ready for the storm? I hope you are safe. You can come and live with me. The couch sucks but you can always share the bed with me. I don't bite and I certainly won't piss on you. Well, unless you won't me to but I'm really not into that shit. Yes, I am still in a bad mood but that doesn't stop me from caring about my blogging buddies. Keeping you and my thoughts and prayers. Stay dry!
Peace bro,

Blue said...

I don’t know about cats, but to be honest (& humble) the same thing happened to me with one of my dogs. She peed on me one day; in that case it was a matter of trying to establish dominance. She saw me a threat to her being the alpha female and was trying to make it clear she was above me in the pecking order of the pack (which she is not, lol). I don’t know if cats have the same sort of pecking order like dogs, but it might give you a place to start searching.

Pat said...

My friend has a similar female cat- she is trying to tell you she is unhappy about something (duh). Do you give her special attention every day?

nothing said...

Now you made me piss my pants! I used to have a lynx point siamese that would piss in my shoes when he was *pissed* off. Thankfully not often.

Perfect Virgo said...

My little 'Smartie' is 6 months old and he's never pissed indoors. Perhaps we are just lucky!

GodlessMom said...

You probably already know this, but sometimes inappropriate elimination in cats can be due to an infection. If you haven't done so you might want to have a urinalysis done on her. Diabetes will make them just squat and pee sometimes too. Cats are just weird sometimes. I had one who thought my papasan chair was his own personal litter box. Good luck with her, it's hard to have one who does things like that.

jimg said...

Now, that's funny, I wish I could have seen your face. I am picking up my kitty Henry this afternoon, he was just "fixed" hopefully that stops some of his business.