Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sponging Up the Bad News

One of my many addictions and obsessions is ... watching disasters and important news events live on my television machine. I can remember watching the JFK assassination (1963), the American Hostages in Iran (1980), the day Maggie Thatcher resigned (1991?), the attempted coup in Russia (1993), 9/11 (2001), amongst others.

For several days, I've been glued to the TV, watching Katrina & the Aftermath.

Today, I am sad because ...
... a great American City has been devastated by nature
... many, many people who should know better, chose to ignore a situation that may occur; it has now occurred
... our President speaks loudly but carries no stick
... I have heard no national politicians speak up about this disaster
... The Office of Homeland Security is inept
... FEMA is trying their best with very little cooperation
... the Governor of Louisiana has not (yet) declared martial law
... that our government can't win a war in Iraq
... that our government can't seem to drop bottled water from a helicopter in New Orleans
... small gangs of drug addicts are holding New Orleans hostage, without challenge
... poor African-American citizens have been ignored for so long, they are finally retaliating, even against each other
... so many sick and incapacitated citizens will die unnecessarily
... I may face an IRS audit for writing this

I am glad...
... for the efforts of so many thousands of rescue and law enforcement officials who are doing the very best they can under the circumstances
... that so many will have to answer so many questions in the future and then pay for their ineptness with not only their careers, but their legacies
... at least a small percentage are finally being evacuated form the disaster scene; it has taken 16 hours to fill up 20+ buses
... that I can forgive all those involved. I won't forget though.

That's enough for now. I'll get too depressed to say any more.


Mr. H.K. said...

Yeah, I know. Just watched the Evening Network News and I'm wiped.

Hopefully, as time passes your Glad list will outweigh the Sad list...

Meanwhile, it's definitely Sad!

Grace said...

I know what you mean, I have been glued to CNN all day yesterday and cannot believe how little seems to have been done so far. As you say dropping water by helecopter could have at least been achieved by now :-(

Hannen said...

I keep trying not to cry while watching the news.

Kenny said...

I have a lot to be grateful for...

Trudging said...

It is overwhelming right now. All we can really do is give money and pray.