Monday, September 12, 2005

Rehab behind bars (part II)

... continued from yesterday

After the chaplain began the meeting, we all individually introduced ourselves and our affiliations. Funny, but us AA'ers were the last in line to be introduced. A woman spoke up and gave us her name, introduced herself as a member of AA, then without hesitation, spoke to all the Christians, telling them that she too has been a believer and worshipper of God for most of her life. But her religous beliefs alone did not prevent the disease of alcoholism from taking over her life. She said that addiciton is both a physical, allergic reaction to the introduction of certain chemical substances to the human body and it is a disease of our thinking. Both of those symptoms must be treated in order for recovery to occur. The Christians just nodded their heads.

The training session continued.

He stressed that our security while on-site was a priority. Dress professionally. Be on time. Do not bring any weapons or contraband. Do not bring gifts or accept them from a prisoner. Do not use abusive language. Do not touch or become involved with an offender. Do not fall in love with an offender. Whoa!!!

At this point, the Chaplain told stories of wardens, chaplains and guards who have made this mistake. They allowed themselves to be"taken in and manipulated" by inmates. The material given us states that sexual intercourse with a prisoner is strictly prohibited. In addition, it lets us know that deviant sexual intercourse is also a no-no (I'm so glad they took the effort to spell that out).

I'll try to remember that.



The one and only time I visited someone in prison and it had to be one of the scariest times of my life. And I was high at the time.
You have a kind soul and great spirit to do this Dave. I'm proud of you and remember even if the little felonies look yummy no sex with the inmates.


Hmmmm I haven't had a date in a long time I wonder if there are any programs like that around here...hmmmmmmmmmm

Scott W said...

And you were just jonesing to be called a bitch!

I am proud of both you and Queen Noor.

muylajuana said...

I was at the birthday meeting when that guy presented this prison program and invited who ever was moved to join him in bringing 12 steps to the prison. I wondered who step up--now I know. I'm glad I know you--even if it's just vicariously through Scott. Is Queen Noor as sassy as you and Scott?

Scott W said...

The Queen has a much more sophisticated sassiness.

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