Thursday, September 29, 2005

hAAlf nAAked thursdAAy

JJ started this whole idea.
Blame it on her.

simplify ... Let it ALL go

imagine ... Have Faith

believe ... Trust

R.J. (click here) takes 1st prize today for his pic!

(the boa came from JJ as a gift)

(I'm not really this color)


R.J. said...

LOVE it!!!


I friggin LOVE IT! Hey pink is the new I love you bro. That is a prefect shot.

nothing said...

Nice. You gay guys are some much more unihibited. I am envious, perhaps....hmmmm. Maybe I'll get my daughters feather boa out and do a turn.

Blue said...

OH my! That is great!!!!

You should go on tour ;)

What do you mean pink is the new blue? I am not changing my name to pink, don't have the attitude for it, lol

Scott W said...

You better work! [covergirl]
Work it girl! [give a twirl]
Do your thing . . . on the runway.

Work! [supermodel]
You better work it girl. [all the world]
Wet your lips and smile to the camera.

Work! [turn to the left]
Work! [now turn to the right]
Work! [sashay shante] x2

And it don’t matter what you wear.
They’re checking out your savoir fair
And it don’t matta what you do.
Cause everything looks good on you.

*techno voice [supermodel]

Work! [turn to the left]
Work! [now turn to the right]
Work! [sashay shante] x2

I see your picture everywhere.
A million dollar derierre.
And when you walk into the room
You had everybody’s eyes on you.

*techno voice [supermodel]

Linda, work
Naomi [she is fierce]
Christi [foxy lady]
Cindy [i can feel it]
Claudia [set on the cover]
Nicki [work that runway sweetie]

I have one thing to say:

Grace said...

Wey hey, fantastic! Give us a twirl :-)

sirreene said...

where's the rest of the photo?

Pat said...

Well. Color me astonished. HP you are many people in one body!

tbiscuit said...

Yeah, uh...ok that was hot and all, but JJ takes the prize today. [grin]


Trudging said...

O.k. I can die now.

R.J. said...

I was wondering why I was getting so many comments on my site. Thanks for the thumbs up! Guess I should watch the thumbs up comment around this crowd ;-)

Grateful said...

Tell me I'm right, there's nothing between you and that boa, is there?


You've been holding back on us

The vicar said...

Competition for Adrella??
I have put together all your half-naked pictures and have come to the conclusion that you are a very odd shape.grdyp

GodlessMom said...

I want to see the slippers that go with that boa!