Tuesday, September 27, 2005

He just won't go away

Michael Brown, former FEMA director who was forced to resign shortly after his Katrina failures, remains on the government payroll.

Before Brown, 50, came to FEMA as deputy director in 2001 and became director in 2003, he served for 10 years as a commissioner for the International Arabian Horse Association, according to a 2001 White House announcement. Prior to that he was an assistant to the city manager in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Brown testified before Congress today. He told the committee that he remains a consultant for the federal government helping the Department of Homeland Security review the response to Katrina. His government salary is $148,000 per year.

"I get it when it comes to emergency management,'' he said. "I know what it's all about. I know how to do it and I think I do a pretty darn good job of it.''

Lord help us all.


Jake McCafferty said...

Now you know government jobs are like judiciary appointments: for life.

nothing said...

He's in denial!

Lucy Stern said...

The man is dilusional. They need to get him out of there real quick.

Astros win!!! Phillies loose!!! WE are now 2 games up and the magic number is 3. Go Astros!!!