Monday, September 19, 2005

Hurricane Nagin

The award for the FOOL of the YEAR goes to
Ray "HURRICANE" Nagin.

First he screwed up the evacuation.

Now, he's found a way to jeopardize more lives.

Read about it here.



Gross, really, think about it, if I forget to switch over my laundry from the washer to the dryer and a couple hours pass - it starts to smell moldy - I can only imagine what New Orleans is smelling like these days.

Pat said...

It's not that simple Dave. From what I understand he sent busses around and alot of people just refused to go because "it's not going to be that bad". The levy did the damage, not the hurricane.

None of them know what to do. In our lifetimes has any large US city been 50% destroyed before? New, uncharted and regretably disgusting territory to get through.

Personally I'm with not sending people back, but then I don't have the big business owners screaming at me for support staff and threatening to pull out of the area. You know that's got to be happening.

Mr. H.K. said...

It is a complex issue. But I am finding myself disliking this guy... He has a pompus swagger not unlike that other hateful leader in the White House... Opposite ends of the spectrum. But I don't trust that he has a clue... But then, I'm not his constituency. If they like him, than so be it...


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Jake McCafferty said...

No one in their right minds will return to New Orleans during hurricane season. If you go back with Rita lurking, don't start screaming for rescue again. I think Nagin has gone nuts.