Saturday, September 24, 2005

Storm Update from Houston

I think I still have power. Let me look.
Yep. I do.

It's 5:40am and the eye of Rita is inland in SW Louisiana. Where I live in central Houston, near downtown, has had some gusty winds and light rain. The winds have probably not gusted over 50mph. There's a million leaves and small branches scattered about. We could still lose electricty if the right branch falls on the right power line but that appears to be the extent of the potential problems around my home.

Be back later if I remain higher powered.

6:45am -- over 700,000 energy cutomers without power in Harris County // I still expect mine to go out at any time

10:00am -- I went to my regular 8:30am AA meeting at Lambda Center. It normally has about 30 in attendance, today there were 10 hard-core soberettes. The Center has no electricity this morning, but it certainly has Power.


One Drunk to Another said...

Yaaaaaaaay!!! You're electrifying, Dave! I've been watching CNN. Sounds like there are some fires to contend with in Houston, and some outages. I'm glad you're not out -- or at least you weren't a little while ago. love, Suzanne

Trudging said...

I am very glad that your safe. I got up this morning just to watch the news and see about you guys and The Big Easy. Sounds ok so far.

recoveryroad said...

Take it steady. :-)


I'm with you bro!

sirreene said...

GREAT to hear from you!!!

Scott W said...

I have never been called hard core before...hmmmmm.