Sunday, November 18, 2007

4 Years Old

Scott W has now been sober for FOUR years.
We've been friends for FOUR years.
I don't think so.



Scott W said...

Thanks, Dave. What a nice surprise! And thanks for insisting on being my friend when I was leary of every one. Guess you will always be older than I. That's okay, it means I am the young one!

Mary Christine said...

You guys just made me cry! I love the friendships in the fellowship.

I love Scott, and I love Daave too! Thanks for being the wonderful you's you's are!

lushgurl said...

Aww dAAve, ya almost made me cry with the sentiments!
Happy Scott's birthday to you too!

What the heck is a "rilm" anyway?...that is my word ver for today..."rilms" !!!

YUP, I'm still crazy LOL

Todd HellsKitchen said...

It's so great that you have each other!


peanut said...

I liked the "scott" photos !!
thank you, dAAve !!

And, thank you for making my birthday night special !!

Love you

Piglet said...

daave, you are a doll!

Phyllis said...

Hi dAAve, you posted a comment on my blog yesterday. What was all that about from that weird guy? It actually scared me so I deleted the entire post. Do you know who he is? And WHAT he is?