Thursday, November 29, 2007

Out of Order

This is what my living room looked like yesterday afternoon. It's being repainted. Should be finished today. For a very anal-retentive person who feels the constant need for order in his life, this is a real test of patience.

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

that Mom made it through another day - still waiting for surgery, probably today

that Scott W had a sucessful surgical procedure and is home recuperating

for new sponsees who remind me of the constant need for refreshing myself on the Twelve Steps

for my 3 cats who keep me company and provide an endless stream of love and humor

for my acceptance that everything happens for a reason

I am too blessed to be stressed!


Mary Christine said...

Still praying for you and your mom. And your house will be beautiful again soon! Hang in there.

Pam said...

I was hoping to read good news on your Mother this morning, but I'll put her on my prayer list for this morning.
I'm glad you have some animals in your home to give you love, I'll bet they hate the mess as much as you.

Scott W said...

There can be no order without the balance of chaos. But I agree that chaos is best when it does not affect me.

Thanks for being here for Bunny yesterday.

Anonymous said...

that's not your apartment, is it? have a good day.

Syd said...

I used to get irritated over chaos and disruption during home projects. Now I realize that they will be finished in due time and all will look even better than before. I guess that I've learned patience and acceptance.

Shannon said...

thanks for the update on your mom and Scott! (((HUGS)))

peanut said...

Dear dAAve,

Yes, indeed, I have you Mother in my heart today and always, just as I do you.
You are my biggest fan for ceasing smoking-thank you !!!

Love to you and your Mother, me

recoveryroad said...

I rather like the room that way. All that shiny slippery plastic. I bet there are some power tools in the vicinity too. Lmao.

Piglet said...

ditto, that would send me to the crazy house too. i am such a gay man, i just know it.