Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It really does ...

todAAy i AAm grAAteful & thAAnkful

that I have formed the habit of praying every morning. Each morning within minutes of waking up, I say a short prayer asking my HP for guidance to be the best I can be, for today. I ask for help in knowing the next right thing to do. (I feel that I don't have to ask to stay sober because that would be included in both of the forementioned requests.)

Yesterday morning I had plans to workout at the gym before going to my early AA meeting, followed by a sponsee meeting. As soon as I had prayed, I knew that I was supposed to go visit my mother in the hospital. I had taken care of all the details the previous night and had no intention to go see her yesterday. But I just knew it was the next right thing to do. And it was.
It turned out that my physical presence was necessary to make some decisions (I am her primary caretaker and hold complete power of attorney).

So all day long I felt totally serene and comfortable with myself. I knew that Step 11 had played a huge part in my day. Then I went to the 12:15pm meeting at Lambda. The topic?
Step 11.
(of course)

There is more to life than increasing its speed.


Pam said...

I just love it when we trust our intuition. I think that is God's voice.
Step 11 rocks.

Anonymous said...

that's awesome, daave. very intuitive of you.

Scott W said...

That was a great meeting yesterday. I just wish Robert would speak louder.

Syd said...

I've had that feeling before too--that I needed to be with my parents at that very moment. The first time it happened was the night before my father died. And the second time was the morning that my mother died. No coincidence in my opinion. Divine guidance for sure.

sober Chick said...

Trip out . . . I have been hearing many messages about prayer and meditation the past few days. Last night at a womens 12 x 12 we read on step 11. I love to see all of this tie together.

I am grateful your mom has you to help her with her delicate situation.

Redhead Gal said...

That's pretty cool, dAAve.

sojo said...

I love your humor and the way you show me how to care for the people I love.